Guitarist , singer songwriter Carlos Alberto Calabrese, was born in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although, spending the most part of his life in the United States, Carlos currently makes his home in Canada.   Carlos has never forgotten his musical roots. He began playing the guitar at the tender age of 11. Through out the years he has played almost every style of music ,before settling on his true love, the spanish guitar.Carlos has performed extensively throughout the country, displaying a strong Latin influence reminiscent of his Argentine heritage. His unique blend of Flamenco, Jazz and Brazilian sound,has entertained thousands of people at concerts,private events,restaurants, coffee houses, local and national radio and television. Carlos musical influences include: Jose Feliciano, Ottmar Liebert, The Gipsy Kings, to name just a few.
Carlos has won the hearts of many fans with his romantic, Latin inspired ballads. His technical prowess, and awe inspiring guitar playing is something to be seen and heard! A true musicians musician!
     Carlos became interested in a form of flamenco while in Argentina.  Argentine folk  guitar, is closely related to the flamenco form. Carlos's (great )uncles were skilled players  in that field.  His uncles lived on a working ranch ,which in fact was open to the public.  His uncles wore the traditional "gaucho"  attire, while performing for patrons with their music.  Carlos was inspired with the art of strumming the guitar solely with the use of fingers, on a nylon string guitar. This type of playing always intrigued him.  Not until seeing a Jose Feliciano  performance on T.V.  did Carlos become truly fascinated; that later drove him to study the art, and finally introduce it to the public. "One never completely masters this music"  says Carlos.  Always striving to learn more and more.

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